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Tuesday 8th March – 10th meeting of 2016

A visit to the Museum of London to view the Crime Museum was our plan for today and it has long been awaited as for one reason or the other we have cancelled it a few times and as it closes on 10th April today was the day!

We met at Cannon Street all nine ladies and we were joined by three husbands who wanted to see the exhibition. We walked to the Museum bought our tickets £12.00 concessions for 12 o’clock entry.

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We had a coffee in the cafe in the Museum and then went to the exhibition. The exhibition is the property of Metropolitan Police and up until now has been housed in New Scotland Yard and was only available for Police use. It is on display here at London Museum until 10th April 2016.

The first rooms ‘Courtroom illustrations’ showed all manner of exhibits from the very start of the collection, dating from 1880s and 1900s when the collection was called the Police Museum. The collection was first started to train police and shows the changes and advancement in solving crimes from the early days to the modern day. In these rooms are death masks from offenders hanged outside Newgate Prison. There is a section shows the assassination attempt with the gun of Edward Oxford who fired at Queen Victoria in 1840. All manner of exhibits here handcuffs, snuff-box, a fascinating sampler cushion made by Annie Parker with her own hair while she was in prison, many drawings from court observers, newspaper cuttings and letters from Jack the Ripper. There was a section dedicated to the Executioners and showed many ropes and naming the unfortunate person it was used on! Quite spine chilling!

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The second part of the exhibition was dedicated to specific murders showing items used by them. It covered murders up until 1975 and included Dr Crippen, Krays Brothers, Haigh, and many more, about twenty in all, showing the evidence and items used to convict the murders.

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The third part of the exhibition was showing other crimes and how police deal with them. It showed the different technic used for each offence and how forensics are used. It covered robbery with The Great Train Robbery and the Millennium Dome diamond robbery, terrorism, abortion, forgery showing many different bank notes and spying technics in the style of 007!!

This was very interesting although a bit macabre and just enough to keep me occupied I think any more and I would have felt a bit depressed! All the same I am glad that we saw this exhibition. Everyone enjoyed it and found it very interesting and informative.

A brisk walk, as it was rather cold, back  to the station and then we caught our trains back home.