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Tuesday 22nd March – 12th meeting of 2016

When just six of us met today at Charing Cross it was the most beautiful morning. A blue blue sky and wonderful sunshine so we decided to take advantage of this glorious weather and walk around St James’ park to look at the flowers and blooms.

We went to St Martins’ Crypt for our coffee. As there was lots of road works and building work going on we had to walk around the church to the glass pavilion entrance. Quite a treat for us as we usually use the side door!


After coffee we walked around Trafalgar Square which was buzzing with tourist under Admiralty Arch which in itself is a fine building and into St James’ park. There were many people in the park. Mostly tourists in groups, many of them students enjoying themselves. The blooms were lovely. The beds had lots of different flowers in bloom and the colours and fragrance was lovely. Around and on the lakes many different ducks, swans, we saw a heron standing majestically and motionless and the legendary pelicans. The pigeons of course were in abundance fighting for food and there were many different types of birds and squirrels rummaging around. This park is so beautiful quite amazing that is it in the heart of London with an abundance of nature within it.

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At Buckingham Palace the guards had just changed duty and were marching back to barracks. This is a wonderful sight and tourists just adore it and there were many cameras clicking. Walking along The Mall we heard and saw a helicopter approaching the Palace we stood and watched as it descended and landed in the Palace grounds. Probably some very important person going for tea with the Queen!

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A few of our group are keen gardeners so they were really enjoying the park naming the plants and trees. I myself am not a gardener but I do like looking at all the beautiful flowers and appreciate all the work that goes into making such amazing sight. As we walked around the lake we saw The Bird Keeper’s Cottage. A lovely little house which was built for the first Bird Keeper of the park.

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We made our way back to Charing Cross after a really lovely morning. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful capital city just a train ride from our homes!