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Tuesday 5th April – 13th meeting of 2016

You can tell by my title that I was in a quandary as to what to call this weeks meeting. AGM is only once a year, so that would be our meeting in September, Mini Agm not quite sure on that one, General Meeting maybe that could be it, Planning Meeting well that is certainly part of what we were meeting for, Breakfast Meeting, yes, we were having breakfast but then Meet-up really seems to cover all our morning!


So The Greyhound Pub in Bromley was the venue for our meeting after a weeks break for Easter. One by one we arrived and it was by 10.30 that we were all together so ready for the catch up and news. On a really happy note one of our ladies had become a Grandmother to twin boys! Fantastic! She amused us with the story of the birth and both boys seem to be doing ok at just six days old! On a sadder note one of our ladies had lost a sister and that is always sad to hear. We heard of a holiday one lady had been on and had a great time plus all the comings and goings of the rest of us.

We ordered our breakfasts and as it arrives so quickly got down to eating before planning! After breakfast a top up of drinks the out came the papers and we settled down to sorting out the weeks until Summer holidays.

We did this rather quickly this time. It is quite amazing how we never seem to struggle to fill in the weeks. With ideas from us all we get a variety of events. This time of course some walks, exhibitions, some catch-up places, our mini holiday plus some lunches one of which we are hoping will be in Brixton Clink! Just watch this space!!

A very successful morning. We went our separate ways home with some of the ladies taking the opportunity to do some shopping!!