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Tuesday 12th April – 14th meeting of 2016

Just five of of us met today at Charing Cross, the trains were delayed and cancelled so we were a little later starting than usual. The major building works, which are developing well at London Bridge station, are causing many problems but for us no problem as time really doesn’t matter but I would image for commuters it must be really frustrating.

We went to St Martin’s Crypt for our usual coffee and chat and then started on the propose of the morning. We planned to visit The Strand Gallery which was showing an exhibition of the entries of The Daily Mail Amateur Wildlife Photographic Competition 2015 and as it was only open 11th-16th April, today was our opportunity to view it.

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It was quite a nice bright morning so we walked down The Strand passing all the shoppers, tourists and workers to John Adam Street. Down and round this road lead us to The Strand Gallery with it’s small entrance on the corner. This is a small Gallery which I have never been to before and really didn’t know it existed. The entry was free and there were many people viewing the photos. A small and compact gallery which consisted at ground level a long corridored area displaying photos either. Downstairs a larger area. The gallery is part of the Proud Galleries Group and is available for hire for all forms of visual art and creative media.

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The photos on display were really amazing. Set in frames and mounted on the wall they looked really good. I preferred this setting to the way the photos are displayed for the Wildlife Photographer exhibition at Nature History Museum, which are shown in light boxes. Although the text here didn’t show any technical information regarding when and how the photos were taken as shown for Wildlife Photographer exhibition.

Des Lloyd Winner - Overall Winner Birds

The winner was lovely showing two owls in a tree trunk. There were adult and junior categories and as usual the junior photos were amazing. I particularly enjoy looking at the bird photos and the butterflies. Insect don’t do a lot for me!

It was very busy in the gallery but well worth a visit. After a good look we walked back to The Strand and Charing Cross and our trains home. Another very enjoyable morning!

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