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Tuesday 19th April – 15th meeting of 2016

Again this week just five of us to meet to visit the Florence Nightingale Museum which we had not managed to do a few weeks ago. Travelling proved a problem again today as the two ladies who use the motorway had delays but thank goodness for mobile phones! After a few calls we arranged to meet at the cafe in St Thomas’ Hospital. Funnily enough we all met in York Road walking up to the hospital so all was well!

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The cafe Tom’s is a really nice place. The views across the river overlooking Houses of Parliament are excellent and makes a super place for a coffee and chat! As we found on our earlier visit here the entrance to St Thomas Hospital is so so busy. It is like a small village. With supermarket, newsagent and lots of people in and out.  We noticed a lovely shop selling ladies clothes and of course had to have a browse. The browse turned into a shop for most and with so much choice it was difficult to decide on what to buy but with purchases completed we made our way to the Museum.


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The Museum is tucked underneath the hospital. Tickets were £4.80 for concessions and then we were given a brief intro to the exhibition and guide cards.  The Museum was set out into four area, the green area devoted to her early life, the blue area telling of her life in the Crimea war, the cabinet area her work once back from the war, her great connection and work at St Thomas Hospital and the last part was set around the walls showing how medicine has developed, The National Health and work that is now going on today.

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Each area had photos, text, many spy holes, showing photos and text and set at all heights making it appealing to children, earphones with short very interesting stories to listen too. There was a group of school children in the central area listening to a lady dressed as Florence and they seemed to be enjoying the experience. Although quite a small area, the museum is set out well for children and adults alike. Lots of information, clearly and orderly shown.  I got a good impression of Florence Nightingale who was a religious and very hard working lady devoted to helping people. We all enjoyed the museum and found it very interesting.

We had a walk back to Waterloo station for our trains home. The weather although a little chilly was bright and sunny, hopefully a sign that the warmer weather is on its way!!