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Tuesday 31st May – 21st meeting of 2016

Although half-term this week and we don’t normally meet, we decided to meet up for half-term lunch! We picked Coolings Garden Centre as Arthur’s restaurant there is very nice and food good. This would also give a chance to look and buy plants. Unfortunately the weather was horrible. Wet, overcast and miserable.


For me a bad start to the day made me an hour late. I went to my car and found I had been blocked in with only the smallest opening to get out. Thanks to a passer-by who helped me by giving directions on the way to turn the wheel, right hand down, left hand down and I made it out ok. Then I started the 25 minute journey to Coolings but only to get lost not once but twice! I eventually arrived an hour late but the ladies were still on their first drink so all good. We ordered lunch which was lovely and also made a few changes to our up and coming outings.

coolings 1

After this as the rain had stopped some ladies wandered around the centre and purchased some plants. I along with a couple went straight home and I’m pleased to say I made it to home in 25 minutes without any mishaps or getting lost!