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Tuesday 19th July – 28th meeting of 2016

Today fate proved to be on our side! The plan was to do a guided tour of All Hallows Church but luckily one of our ladies researched this before the day and found out no tours taking place because of a private function. If you are a follower of our blog you will see that is becoming a regular problem!

A look at the weather forecast showed us that this Tuesday was to be the hottest day of the year! Which we thought was lovely but not good for walking the streets of London so the decision was made to meet locally for breakfast. So The Greyhound Pub in Bromley was the venue for today!


Holiday and Grandmother duties still in operation meant fewer of us again this week. We met our usual time and enjoyed a really nice traditional English breakfast with a lovely cup of tea. We, of course, still had lots to talk about and it was our last planned meeting before the summer break. We only meet in term time as holidays and grandmother duties come into operation in school holidays.

We had a nice morning and it certainly was a very hot day. After some of our ladies went shopping but I went straight home on the bus as I couldn’t face shopping in such heat!

A very pleasant morning and defiantly the right decision to stay local!