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Tuesday 20th September – 33rd meeting of 2016

Six of us met at Charing Cross as usual today and were joined by one of our ladies daughter who fancied a trip to London!

We went by bus to John Lewis and the views from the top deck were lovely. Once at the store we made our way up to the Roof Garden only to find that it was closed the weekend before and will not re-open until November. We could not make sense of this as it will probably be too cold to view the garden then but hay-ho ours is not to reason why!


We were re-directed to the cafe and sat there about one and a quarter hours chatting and drinking coffee and eating cake!! Not such a bad way to spend a Tuesday morning!

We then made our way home but some ladies decided to do a little shopping on the way! So far our plans have not gone to plan but we have still enjoyed our mornings!