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Tuesday 13th September – 32nd meeting of 2016

I should have really titled this blog – the bus trip that never quite happened!

We had planned to take the bus to Tonbridge for a lovely trip into Kent but as only five of us were meeting today we decided to take the bus to Tunbridge Wells for a look around. We had planned a very strategic operation with two waiting at Bromley Common bus stop and three at Farnborough Village bus stop. The bus was due at 10.30 at Bromley Common and we were all at our bus stops waiting for it to come. We waited and waited and waited until 11 o’clock but no sign of it. Lots of phone calls in this time and finally we all decided to give up the idea. The 10.30 must have been cancelled and as they only run one an hour to have waited for the next one wasn’t a good idea. It would have meant that by the time we arrived and Tunbridge Wells it would be almost time to turn around and come home!! Not any time for us to look around.


Rather than go straight home we all decided to get a bus into Bromley. Which we did and enjoyed some lovely cold drinks as it was the hottest day ever recorded in September Р temperatures reaching 31-35 degrees!!

It was a very pleasant morning although not what we had planned but all turned out alright in the end. Thank goodness for mobile phones they really saved our day! We hope that we can try again to get the bus to Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells, maybe in the Spring when all the trees and flowers are in bloom!