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Tuesday 11th October – 36th meeting of 2016

A beautiful sunny day greeted us when six of our group met today at London Bridge. This was the first time this has been our meeting place since the new area has been opened. What a different area it now is. Now lovely escalators take you down to the main booking hall which is very bright and spacious. The old staircases and corridors gone! I always find it quite amazing how all these major changes are carried out and the service on the whole still runs as normal. Although it will be another two years before the new London Bridge station is completed, so far it can be seen what a great improvement it will be!

We made our way through Borough Market to the riverside and The Tate Modern Art Gallery. Lots of people in this area especially around Golden Hind, The Anchor pub and The Globe.


We went into the gallery and into the cafe for a coffee. We then made our way to the new extension that has recently opened and the new viewing platform. It was quite a hard task to get to the viewing platform as the lifts didn’t serve every floor. We made the mistake of getting in the wrong lift but eventually made it to floor 10. This new viewing platform is amazing. It gives a 360 degree view of the city. There were many people here and many tm-4tm-3cameras clipping the fabulous views. St Pauls, Houses of Parliament, Shard, Wembley stadium, Crystal Palace aerial are a few of the wonderful sights. Some of the apartments on one side of the platform are very close which apparently has not pleased the residents! After some time looking at the views of London on a lovely sunny day we made our way down to ground. The queues for the lift were very long so one of the ladies and myself decided to walk down. The new extension is a large addition to the gallery and the outside tiling very attractive.

tm-7When we all met up we made our way to the Turbine Hall to view the exhibition on display, Anywhen. An installation by Philippe Parreno. The artwork plays with light, sound and moving elements to guide the public through the large space. Fish are floating all around the Hall, sounds are broadcast from various sources, vertical and horizonal panels move up and down, at different times a film is shown and lights shine and move around. To view all this and experience the feeling of time and space it is advised to lay on the floor to view it all. We decided not to take the opportunity and just watched from the side lines! Personally I don’t understand modern art and ideas but I can appreciate that many people do! There were lots of people laying and sitting on the floor and just walking about the area.

From here we had a very pleasant walk back to London Bridge and our trains home. The weather was beautiful and made for a lovely morning in London.