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Tuesday 8th November – 40th meeting of 2016

Our usual meeting place today, Charing Cross and a walk down Strand, which had all it’s Christmas lights up, a tea and coffee in Frankie and Benny’s on a bright but cold morning was all good. The idea was to walk to The Freemasons Hall WC2B to go on a tour of the building. The walk was fine and in a nice part of London passing the Opera House and some theatres but only to find when we got to the Hall that it was closed for four days to the public for a private function. We were quite disappointed as we have tried before to tour this beautiful building but it was not to be today! Undeterred we decided to walk to Covent Garden and look around the market. On the way a couple of the group spotted Bradley Walsh, the comedian and presenter so that really cheered us up! It is a very long time since we have spotted a celebrity on our walk!


We had a little look  around Covent Garden market which looked so nice with its Christmas decorations up, large baubles with mistletoe. Then someone thought about close by Somerset House and the tours that go on there. We walked down the Strand and Fleet Street to Somerset House which looked lovely with an enormous Christmas tree fully dressed and the ice rink being laid which was due to open at the weekend. On making enquiries at the information desk we discovered that the 12 o’clock tour was fully booked, so no good for us.


From here we walked up to Charing Cross where some of our ladies decided to take the train home. Three of us walked over to Trafalgar Square where there was meant to be a display of the moon landing. I’m sure you have guessed by now that this display was nowhere to be seen in the Square! We had seen an advert for it in the Metro paper but believe you me there was nothing there. But we did see the new exhibit on the fourth plinth. It is a hand with the thumb up sign. Quite good but I thought the thumb much too long, but I really am not an expert on art!!


We walked over the Charing Cross for our trains home and although it was a topsy-turvy morning, the sun was shining and we did quite a lot of walking in a lovely part of London!