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Tuesday 21st February – 7th meeting of 2017

A revisit today to the Brands Museum in their new home at Notting Hill.

We met at London Bridge Station. This is such a lovely station now it has been rebuilt. It has taken a few years but it is really a modern and spacious area now. We then got the underground to Notting Hill. From here a short walk to the new building in Lancaster Road.

The new accommodation is much larger and has a nice cafe and garden. We had a coffee but sat inside as the weather was a bit chilly. After this we started our tour of the exhibition.

The exhibits are set out in chronological order starting in Edward times. The themes are arranged in large cabinets and include all manner of goods. Once we got into the 40’s era we could all remember most of the items on display. It stuck us that some of the food items have had the packing change quite a few times but still are very recognisable. On display are all manner of boxes, tins and packets of everyday items such as toothpaste, soap, washing powder, cereals, hair products, food items etc. etc. Robert Opie is the inspiration behind the museum. He started it with his own collection and it has grown and grown into the amazing collection it is today!

The main display winds through a large room and then into an adjoining room where there are display cabinets of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s up to the present day. Of course we could remember all the items on display here! Also in this rooms was a large table with a jigsaw puzzle of brands packaging, half-finished and there for anyone to have a go and put a few pieces in. We didn’t sit down at the table because I for one could have spent all day at it! I do love a jigsaw!

This museum is very interesting and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. It is good for the future generations that these items are kept as part of our social history. It is also used by students for media and design projects.