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Tuesday 28th February – 8th meeting of 2017

Meeting at Charing Cross and District Underground to South Kensington today. Then the walk through the tunnel to Victoria and Albert (my favourite museum) for a visit to the free exhibition entitled Lockwood Kipling Arts and Crafts in Punjab and London.

We started with our usual coffee in the William Morris tea rooms and then to the main entrance and the exhibition. John Lockwood Kipling (1837-1911), was an artist, teacher, curator and influential figure in the Arts and Crafts movement and father of Rudyard Kipling.





There were many different exhibits from intricate wood carvings, mosaics, mother of pearl work, furniture and materials. It also showed documents, writings and drawings of Lockwood during his time in India. He was passion about the preservation of Indian crafts. There was a large section about the Great Exhibition of 1851. Also on display paintings and photos of Lockwood and Rudyard.

Highlights included paintings of the Indian section of the Great Exhibition, designs and illustrations for books, and furniture designed for royal residences Bagshot Park and Osborne.

This was a very good exhibition with free entry. Well laid out, exhibits easy to view and there was also some short videos.


We all enjoyed it and I loved looking at the wonderful craftmanship of the day. It always amazes me that such wonderful work was produced in what must have been terrible conditions.