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Tuesday 21st March – 11th meeting of 2017

A visit to Museum of London to view the Fire! Fire! exhibition about The Great Fire of London of 1666 which happened 350 years ago and was one of the most infamous disasters of London.

A meeting at Cannon Street a little later than usual as the exhibition was for timed tickets and ours was booked for 2 o’clock. Although it is free entry into the museum this is a special exhibition and cost for seniors £8.00. At Cannon Street we had a drink and a bite to eat before the walk through the city in nice sunny weather to the Museum. We arrived a little early and had a coffee before going into the exhibition.




The entrance into the exhibition is laid out as if a street in London at the time of the fire. As you walk around it shows how and why the fire raged for so long due to wind, wooden structures and closeness of buildings. There were lots of interactive things and it is and ideal exhibition for children. As well as showing the events of the fire using scripts of the day and writings by Samuel Pepys and others it gave a good insight of how people coped with the difficult situation. On display was an old fire engine machine and clothing and items of the times.   There was a very good exhibit which showed where the fire started and marked the days as it spread across the city.





The last section showed many plans and ideas that were submitted to the City for the rebuilding that was needed.  One plan showed new streets in a grid fashion but it was not adopted as it was felt it would be too costly. Eventually it was decided to use existing roads and streets but there were rules imposed to make it a safer city.

A very good interesting exhibition enjoyed by us all. This would be a good exhibition to take children especially if they are learning about London.