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Tuesday 14th March – 10th meeting of 2017

Today was a big celebration as one of our ladies turned 70! When this happens we always have a lunch to celebrate. This birthday makes that the 70+ are now a majority in the group so it was an extra special day!

We had a table booked for 12.30 at Cypriani’s a lovely Mediterranean restaurant in Locksbottom and one we have used many times. The staff is great here and really don’t mind how much noise we make! Good news as we are very noisy ladies!





Once we had all arrived we ordered drinks and toasted our birthday girl. We ordered food and started to present her with her gifts. Our tradition is to buy silly, tacky, funny gifts spending around £5.00. The theme was holidays as our birthday lady loves holidays!! The presents were amazing. It is astonishing what you can get for £5.00. They included pretty pink sunhat, very colourful bikini!, snorkel, neck rest for flying, passport cover, strap for case, camping chair, inflatable fish, the tiniest gold bikini ever seen! and many many more items. There were what seemed like hundreds of gifts and they were given before during and after the meal! She seemed very pleased with them all and we all throughly enjoyed her opening them all and many caused much laughter.

The meal was very nice. We all enjoyed it and the wine certainly went down well! So another of our group have reached the big 70 and the rest will slowly join us but we oldies are now the majority! Up the Seniors!!!