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Tuesday 4th April – 13 meeting of 2017

Today we met for the first of our Mini A.G.M.s of 2017. As this was the last of our meetings before Easter we decided to make it a planning meeting.

We met at our usual haunt The Greyhound in Bromley but a little confusion over the time as two ladies, myself included, arrived for a breakfast meeting only to discover that it was a lunchtime met but no problems as there are many shops in Bromley to pass away an hour or so or as one lady did go home and come back again! Either way ‘no problem’!

After ordering lunch and consuming it we got down to business. We never seem to run out of ideas for our Tuesday meetings and indeed always seem to have some things to keep for next time.

We planned up until June. Museums seem to play a big part but a walk and some exhibitions are there. Also in this time we will be going off on our annual holiday break.

Although we only plan for term time we make a flexible meeting for the Tuesday during the holidays just in case we are free from visiting and childminding duties!