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Tuesday 9th May – 18th meeting of 2017

After meeting up for a coffee in the Crypt at St Martin’s in the Field we walked along to the Strand Gallery just behind Charing Cross Station to see the photos from the Daily Mail Wildlife Photography Contest.

It is a very small gallery on two floors but it was packed with people viewing a wide selection of photos that were entries in The Daily Mail Wildlife Photography 2017. This is the third year the Daily Mail have run this Exhibition.

The contest was divided into five categories, four of British Wildlife and a Junior section. The judges were David Lindo, David Suchet, Anita Rani, Grey Levett (from Nikon), Simon Stafford and Clive Anderson.

Section 1 – The mammals section photos ranged from squirrels, deer, hares, rabbits and ponies etc. but was one by a photo of two young stoats.

Section 2 – The bird photos were wide ranging from owls, hawks, heron, swans etc but was won by a photo of kingfisher merging from the water with its wings unfurled.

Section 3 – The insect photos consisted of butterflies, moths, flies, wasps, dragonflies and all kinds of creepy-crawlies. It was won by a photo of three common blue butterflies on a grouse-head.

Section 4 – The fish, reptile, amphibian and molluscs photos were varied shots of toad, frogs, fish and snails and was won by a photo of a toad emerging from water blowing a couple of bubbles.

Section 5 – The Junior section was photos ranging over the four categories including ducks, deer, hares, birds and was won by a photo of a kestrel. Some lovely photos and by such young photographers which all showered great promise.

The overall winner of the contest was the photo of the two young stoats but all the photos were of a very high standard and it proved that the age range of 12 to 80 could deliver some amazing shots!

We enjoyed looking at the photos and choosing our own favourites.