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Tuesday 6th June – 22nd meeting of 2017

Unfortunately due to the heavy rain and wind we had to change our plans for today and decided to meet for a coffee at the Crypt at St Martin’s in the Fields and then paid a visit to the National Gallery.

We started out in the Sunley Room where there is an exhibition by Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili entitled ‘Weaving Magic’ showing his present interest in classical mythology and colour of his Trinidadian landscape.The whole room had been painted from floor to ceiling with figures – all similar and in one greyish colour with the tapestry exhibited on one wall. This was very colourful and a huge contrast to the walls and had taken two and half years of collaboration with the Dovecot Tapestry Studios to produce. It had been commissioned by the Clothmakers company. It will go on permanent display at Clothmakers Hall after this exhibition at end of August.

We then walked slowly through the galleries from C14th upwards and admired several paintings including Carrelettos, Gainsboroughs and Stubbs etc. We all had our own favourites!

As always it was extremely busy and we managed easily to spend a few hours enjoying the paintings!