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Tuesday 11th July – 27th meeting of 2017

As today was our last official week before our Summer break we opted to have a Ladies that Lunch day at Coolings Garden Centre. If you follow this blog you will know that we like to have a ‘get together’ for a chat and catch up and today we did just that!

Unfortunately I arrived a little late as I hit a diversion in Bromley which put what seemed like ages on my journey, all due to a burst water pipe, but hey-ho no worries I arrived in time to order my lunch! Which I must say was delicious! It was very busy in the restaurant as it always is. I must say it is a very nice place to meet up with friends and enjoy a good lunch.

After lunch we looked at the Railway Children exhibition. This was marvellous. The display of so many different types of flowers along with the fragrance was wonderful. The groups of flowers set in various colour types pink, white, reds etc really looked beautiful and matched up to different scenes from Railway Children story.

After looking at this amazing collection of flowers we had a walk around the plant section and one or two purchases made. After this we said our fond farewells and made our way back to our cars and home.

We have two dates during the Summer break when any of us that are free will meet up. Hoping that the sun shines for us all as we now will be doing things with family and friends during the Summer and back on our walks etc in September!